$A4R Official Airdrop Guidelines.

$A4R is airdropping 1 Billion Coins (1% of the total supply), which will be available in some rounds.

☑️ $A4R Airdrop is starting with a new offering and the website portal.

☑️ First round of airdrop distribution will end after 30 days of successful ICO

☑️ We will give FREE crypto coins, as in $A4R coins, after completing all tasks listed below. All tasks are mandatory.

Click Here to enter the $A4R Airdrop.

To participate in this Airdrop, user needs to fulfill all the requirements mentioned on the GiveLab Airdrop link page.

✏️ Tasks to enter in Giveaway:-

(On completion of the ALL the tasks below you are guaranteed to receive coins)

1. Join our Twitter — @A4RToken

2. Like, comment & retweet with hashtags #A4R #Airdrop #Move2Earn.

3. Like and positive comment on our Facebook page @A4RToken

4. Follow our Instagram @A4RToken and like and positive comment on some posts.

5. Join our Telegram Group @A4RTokenChat and drop a positive message

6. Sign up on $A4R Portal and put your BEP20(BSC) address there.

**Note:- Put your BEP-20 (BSC) address. It must be 42 chars and starts with 0x



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A4R Fitness Lifestyle Token

A4R Fitness Lifestyle Token

A4R brings you into the Web3 world of crypto. A4R token is a Social Identity token for sports loving individuals, who care for making money and staying healthy.